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The OMG-PERF Round Robin Week 1

Hello, greetings and welcome! OneSimMore and I have decided that the time is ripe for a Round Robin of the likes no one has seen before. Jk. It’s something you’ve all seen before, but humour us ok? Ok.
Shaun and I were batting around ideas, “Shut up, Shaun!” was heard several times and finally the OMG-PERFs were born. Well created, they weren’t born until week two or three. *cough*
So let’s get started shall we? Warning, image heavy because apparently taking pictures is what I do best. Or maybe second best since procrastinating editing and uploading seems to be what I do best! OH WELL. LETS MEET ABSOLUTELY OMG-PERF, SHALL WE?

 photo INTRO.png

Jump in!
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 photo Teaser_zps8e847644.png

When we last left off the Balderdash family Galina was pregnant and eating NOTWAFFLES while Julian busted his ass at work and struggled to help me keep his stupid ass wife alive. Jump in and lets see how these crazy motherfuckers get on.
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Learn your ABCs with 26 Townies

26 Townies in various Flavors

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I just want to say thank you to the creators of the CC I used, to the people in Sims2Chat who comiserated with me, encouraged me and generally kept me company today while I did this insane project. I'd also like to thank those who came to my livestream, with a huge thank you to Jean and Prah for walking me through extracting sims with SimPE even though I had to restart Livestream 3 times before I got the tutorial right. Ha!

I hope you guys have a use for these and love them as much as I've grown to. Enjoy!

Deleted my tumblr: too dramazing.

Basically I just want to play the sims and laugh with my friends. I do not need a tumblr to do that now. So hopefully drama will stop following me around and more importantly I can stop feeling like I am going to offend someone every time I open my mouth and have an opinion that isn't agreed with 100% within the community.

I guess I don't use enough !!! or :) I'll have to work on it!!!!

Jk. Not working on shit. I just wanna play the sims. 

Crackville BACC- Week 1 Roberts Family

The Roberts family is composed of three sims. Eddie, the father who is a Romantic Gemini. Chris who is a Pleasure seeking Sagittarius and finally Amanda, the Taurus with a focus on family


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Crackville BACC- Week 1 Kat Dickinson


Kat is a Libra who is focused on family with a secondary interest in knowledge. Her past time is tinkering which is why she absolutely loves er robot bench.


The Caywood Legacy 1.2

Welcome back to another installment of the Caywood legacy. When we last left Crackville Jenny and Leo had set sights on each other and quickly fell in love and got hitched. They moved to a nicer part of town in a bigger house, where they set off to make babies. Now the question is, did it work?

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Chess faces are almost as adorable as Potty Training faces.

"Gotta keep fit, gotta be sexy."
This is what Leo does most of the time.


"The lady is impressed with my form, isn't she."

Meanwhile in the swimming pool where Leo spends 75% of his time...


So out it came! And it's a girl! That we've named Dana, after a girl who played the Oboe that I went to school with. *Thumbs up* Good Job, Dana!

"You mean I got out of the pool to welcome this into our house? UGH."
Shut it Leo, you can go back to Swimming in just a minute.
So remember that witch from the first update? Emerald was her name and turns out that Chess was her game. So her and Jenny would play for hours which resulted in...


"Baby, cuz I'm a thug."
No, you're a witch.
"Yeah but is there a rap song about witches?
I got 99 Problems but being a witch ain't One?
"I'll take it."
Fantastic, lets move on now, ok?
"Fine, I guess."

"I am super excited about this! LOOK AT MY HAPPY FACE."
Ugh, look at your hair.
"Shut up, Go make out with your pooklet obesssion else where."
"liar liar, Hairs on fire."
fdosifjdosdfs IHU.

Dana aged to Toddler, Mom's eyes and Dad's hair. I never gave her a make over because I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make a legacy or not. A friend told me I had to or she'd flog me and thus.. well you know how it is.

Despite his initial grumbling, Leo takes to fatherhood like a champ. Teaching little Dana to walk...

Even if she doesn't appear to be all that bright.

Leo wanted Jenny to be cured of being a witch, so he bought the potion and gifted it to her.

"What the fuck is this shit?"
Ps. One of my most favoritest pictures ever. No lie.

"Ugh, Being a normal human stinks."
Are you sure thats not your daughter's diaper that smells?

"Maybe, but Being a human stinks too!"
*Sigh* Whatever, Jenny.
And we end this legacy with a shot of not only the color cordnation that happens in this house, but also the fuckery that is the Caywoods.

Thanks for reading! Goodnight!

The Caywood Legacy 1.1

Greetings my friends, I have decided that in order to jump back into the community I needed to do yet another failed legacy. This one features the loveable Jenny Caywood who is my self sim, but with some tweeks. And by some I mean a ton of them.
They live in the town of Crackville, so in honor of that...

Lets Crack on, shall we? Collapse )